Witnesses in Somalia's capital say a gunbattle involving Somali security forces has left at least one policemen dead and another wounded.

Reports from the scene say the shooting broke out earlier Saturday near a Mogadishu police station as new recruits approached the post. The reports say police fired on the new recruits, but the exact reason is not clear.

This incident comes after a week of unrest coinciding with the arrival of African Union peacekeepers from Uganda. Somali insurgents have targeted the peacekeepers from the time they landed on Tuesday.

At least 11 civilians have died in the violence. The insurgents are believed to be a mix of defeated Islamists and clan leaders resisting the transitional government.

The AU is trying to help Somalia's government stabilize the country in the face of challenges from clans and the remnants of a recently defeated Islamist movement.

AU officials say the group hopes to assemble 8,000 troops for the peacekeeping mission. But so far, AU member nations have raised only about half that number.

Some information for this report provided by AFP and Reuters.