Iraqi authorities say a suicide car bomber has killed more than 50 people in the predominantly Shi'ite southern city of Kufa.

Police say more than 100 others were wounded Tuesday when the bomber detonated his vehicle among a crowd of mostly Shi'ite day laborers waiting for work. 

The attack took place near the city's grand mosque.

Separately, Iraqi officials say seven policemen died in a bombing near the northern city Kirkuk. 

Officials in the southern city of Basra say at least four Iraqis died and 10 others were wounded during a clash with British troops that erupted after the soldiers raided a suspected weapons site.

Meanwhile, Iraq's National Security Advisor Mouwafak al-Rubaie says a Jordanian terrorist, involved in the killing and mutilation of two U.S. soldiers, died in a clash with security forces.

Rubaie also announced the arrest of several leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq. 

He did not say when the Jordanian, identified as Abu al-Afghani, was killed.  Rubaie said the militant was responsible for the capture last month near Youssifiyah of the two U.S. soldiers, who were tortured and killed.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.