The Defense Department has announced the call-up of more reservists as part of a mobilization triggered by the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington two weeks ago.

The latest call-ups include specialist reserve units dealing in combat communications, intelligence and police support. They are in addition to the more than 10,000 reservists previously called to active duty, mainly for domestic defense or to support recovery operations in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

The call-ups come as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tells reporters the military operations planned in the Bush administration's offensive against terrorism will be code-named "Enduring Freedom."

Mr. Rumsfeld gives no details but says U.S. forces will take the fight to the terrorists directly. "This is not about revenge. It's not about retaliation," he said. "This is about self-defense. The United States of America knows that the only way we can defend against terrorism is by taking the fight to the terrorists."

Mr. Rumsfeld again cautions the war will be long and bloody and he says no one should expect to see any D-Day style mass invasions.

In addition to reserve call-ups, Mr. Rumsfeld has given the armed forces authority to keep service members on active duty even if they were scheduled to retire or quit.

But during an exchange with reporters, the defense secretary says he does not foresee the need for a resumption of mandatory military conscription.