U.S. troops in Iraq killed six suspected terrorists during a raid in Baghdad Monday.

The U.S. military says the soldiers were raiding a suspected al-Qaida safe house when they came under heavy fire. It says one building terrorists were firing from housed a Sunni political party, The National Dialogue Front.

The party's leader, Saleh al-Mutlah told Al-Arabiya television that U.S. aircraft bombed his offices and a nearby home, killing two party workers and a family of four.

Elsewhere, police say gunmen killed five family members traveling from Mosul, in northern Iraq to Baghdad.

And the U.S. military says an explosion north of Baghdad killed two American soldiers Sunday.

On Sunday, U.S. media reported that the number of U.S. military deaths had reached the 3,000 mark. The Pentagon has not confirmed that number.

In other news, reports from Jordan say Saddam Hussein's eldest daughter, Raghad joined hundreds in Amman Monday protesting his execution.

Sunni clerics in Iraq also criticized the execution, saying it was ordered by what it called occupiers.