Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak used a speech, late Wednesday, commemorating the Arab Israeli War to urge Iraq to allow U.N. weapons inspectors access anywhere, including Saddam Hussein's presidential palaces.

Marking the 29th anniversary of the October 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak told an audience of military officers that Iraq should give U.N. weapons inspectors full access to all that they want to see. This is the only way, he said, Iraq can avoid an attack.

Mr. Mubarak said he told Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri last week that preventing the weapons inspectors from doing their job would only mean more problems for Iraq.

Mr. Mubarak said he warned Mr. Sabri not to put obstacles before inspectors. The president said since Iraq says it has nothing to hide inspectors should be free to look anywhere, even in the presidential palaces. If Iraq does not allow full access it will only raise suspicion, he said.

Iraq was not Mr. Mubarak's only subject. He also warned that Israeli policies are creating grave consequences for the future of the Middle East. He called for all countries, especially the United States, to halt the aggression against Palestinians and their leadership.

Mr. Mubarak was addressing an audience of senior Egyptian military officers, who had gathered in the Egyptian city of Ismailia to commemorate the Arab-Israeli War.

The speech was also broadcast on Egyptian television. At the time of the war, Mr. Mubarak commanded the Egyptian air force.