People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals has crowned Carrie Underwood and Kevin Eubanks "World's Sexiest Vegetarians." The animal rights organization released its annual contest results June 26 in New York City.

It's the second title for the Grammy-winning Underwood, who first won in 2005. It's the first win for Eubanks, who leads the Tonight  Show band.

Runners-up in the contest, which PETA says drew more than 110,000 votes on its web site, included Joaquin Phoenix, Milo Ventimiglia, Kristen Bell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jared Leto, and Lisa Edelstein. Previous winners include actors Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, Josh Hartnett, and Tobey Maguire, along with musicians Shania Twain, Andre 3000, and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin.