In Namibia, the National Society for Human Rights is rejecting accusations by some government officials, calling them ?nonsensical and absurd.? Several officials have gone on local radio to accuse the group of being a ?fifth column of the CIA? and a supporter of ?western imperialism? that?s trying to subvert the independence of African states.

Phil Yo Nangoloh is head of the National Society for Human Rights. From Windhoek, he told English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua that the accusations stem, in part, from the group?s criticism of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, who recently visited Namibia.

Mr. Yo Nangolo says he is not on the payroll of the CIA and does not receive any direct money from the US government, although he says he would welcome some aid from USAID. He says the Namibian National Society for Human Rights has been a frequent critic of the United States over its operations in Iraq and has also sharply criticized Israel.

He says these criticisms are not in line with accusations that it?s supported by the CIA or that it supports Western imperialism. He points out that while relations with the Namibian government are tense, the accusations are coming from a few officials, not the entire government.