In National Basketball Association, NBA, action Wednesday, the New York Knicks blew an 18-point lead but managed to outlast the Dallas Mavericks in overtime, 117-115. Stephen Marbury led the Knicks with 28 points, Jamal Crawford had 25 and Eddy Curry added 21. The Mavericks's Dirk Nowitzki led all scorers with 31 points. The win was the fifth in a row for the Knicks; the loss snapped a three-game winning streak for Dallas.

Elsewhere in the NBA Wednesday, it was:

Washington Wizards 103

Atlanta Hawks 72

Indiana Pacers 112

Milwaukee Bucks 88

Utah Jazz 110

Philadelphia 76ers 102

Toronto Raptors 95

Carolina Bobcats 86

Minnesota Timberwolves 99

Chicago Bulls 93

Sacramento Kings 88

Houston Rockets 80

Portland Trailblazers 113

Los Angeles Lakers 103

Seattle Supersonics 113

Orlando Magic 104

Miami Heat 110

Golden State Warriors 96