In Ghana, the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress has decided to send a letter to the United States government.  It?s in protest to the manner in which the Ghanaian government distributes Millenium Challenge Account funds. The account is administered by the Millenium Challenge Corporation which was developed in January 2004 by President Bush.  It provides assistance to nations meeting the stipulations of the organization.  One of those countries is Ghana ? slated to receive 500 million dollars from the account.

Haruna Iddrisu is a spokesman for the minority in parliament.  In an interview with English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey, he questioned the criteria used in the distribution of the millennium account in Ghana.  ?The minority has raised certain concerns about the exclusion of the Upper East and Upper West regions of Ghana from the beneficiary districts and regions. In our view those two regions has the highest incidence of poverty in Ghana. Therefore if the selection process was based on the incidence of poverty or the goals were to ameliorate poverty then they ought to have been included in order for us to achieve balance development on our achievement. We are also aware that no single district of the twenty-three districts emanated from the western region of Ghana. And we raised these concerns in parliament and in the national debate.?

Iddrisu addressed public concerns that the opposition?s efforts may adversely affect Ghana?s economic well-being.  ?Let me just state categorically and with emphasis that the NDC has no intention to engage in any act or conduct that will jeopardize Ghana?s quest to sources funding from the millennium authority. We just raising what we consider as legitimate concern, you may refer to article 3660 of the constitution?government ought to be guided by regional and other considerations in its interventions the process of determining who benefits was not subject to any public discourse or discussion, there was no broad consultation on the matter. But we are ready to sit down with government to sort out whatever differences exists.?

The minority spokesman says the government has disregarded the opposition?s concerns regarding the allocation of millennium account funds.  ?There?s been no attempt by government, you know in Ghana there is no respect for minority rights. In deed on Thursday we sent a letter to his Excellency the voce president who is the acting president requesting for a meeting with the minority leadership. As I?m speaking to you I have not had any indication that they have responded to our request.?

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