New Phone an Alternative to International Calling Cards
New Phone an Alternative to International Calling Cards
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The creators of a new phone say it?s the most affordable way to call anywhere in the world - What is it? The JumperPhone 100 - a phone its creators say is so easy anyone can use it.

?We removed all the complexity?just plug it in and dial,? says the Dennis Barnum, CEO of the company that makes JumperPhone.

 ?We wanted to provide a solution that anyone and their grandmother could use,? he said.

The phone is cheaper to use than standard international calling methods because it plugs into a computer and uses an Internet connection to place a call.

Traditional voice-over Internet is usually blocked in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, and the Caribbean. ?We have developed the technology to bypass the blocking,? said Barnum.

JumperPhone 100 costs $21.99 per phone, plus $12 per year for the service.


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