Prominent Nigerians Beef Up Security To Prevent Kidnapping
Prominent Nigerians Beef Up Security To Prevent Kidnapping

Nigeria's police have welcomed the European Union's assistance pledge to provide training and logistical support in its operations. 

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The pledge follows a meeting with Nigeria's Minister of Police Affairs, Ibrahim Lame, in Brussels, Belgium. 

The pledge includes providing forensic laboratory equipment and training Nigeria's police in crime detection and prevention.

Nigeria requested the EU's help after conducting a "comprehensive study" which identified inadequate resources as a major impediment to the full implementation of its police reform program.

The police have often been accused of being ineffective in fighting crimes. 

But Emmanuel Ojukwu, the force public relations officer said that the pledge is a morale booster for police.

"The Nigeria police (are) willing and open to all friendly international organizations and development partners who are willing to assist us to build and expand our facilities," Ojukwu said.

He said the police are doing the best under prevailing circumstances.

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"The Nigeria police (are) a growing organization. We are also a learning institution, and we are working very hard every day to improve our skills and competencies to deliver quality services to Nigeria. We know there are problems, but we are making every effort to succeed and overcome these problems," he said.

Ojukwu said the EU's logistical pledge would benefit the police.

"The level of our forensic ability is still low. The level of training is still low. So such assistance from the EU or any good foreign partner would be welcome to help us to increase our skills and our competencies and to enable us to improve on our record in crime detection and even prevention," Ojukwu said.

He said the police are often blamed for wrongs in society.

"It is not only in Nigeria that the police are said to be ineffective. The police everywhere in the world? if things go wrong people would like to blame the police," he said.

Ojukwu said the police force is in the process of changing the often wrong perception of ineffectiveness.

"We are making every effort to improve on areas of perceived inefficiencies or inadequacies, and we want to grow as Nigeria is growing in its stride to achieve the millennium development goals," Ojukwu said.

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He hailed the professionalism of Nigeria's police.

"It is as good as can be expected of a modern (force), particularly with people coming from military background. So it is as good as can be expected of groups in our category," he said.

Ojukwu said the police would always rise up to its responsibilities, adding that international investment in the country will depend largely on providing adequate security.   

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