Nigeria's main militant group has threatened to attack oil pipelines belonging to the government's oil agency.  This, after the managing director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation said it held talks with militants. The director, Abubakar Lawal Yar'Adua, said the corporation even paid the militants N1.4 billion ($12 million).
He said the payment came during the two months before the government allowed the corporation to repair a damaged oil facility in Delta State. The militants deny the claim and say they will cripple the facility. Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan is the governor of Delta State. He told VOA English to Africa reporter Chinedu Offor the government is working hard to prevent the threatened attack on the pipeline.  

"That threat is unfortunate. Over the years we have tried to put up structures that would ensure we have peace and security and facilities, especially the oil facilities, and if any group is trying to destroy those facilities, we see it as being very very unfortunate. I want to appeal that such threats should not be given". He says his administration has taken steps to beef up security in the areas where the militants threatened to attack.

"We have our youths who have been helping us to maintain peace and security, we are reaching out to them and I have also alerted the joint task force, which is a military force that is overseeing security in the area. I ma just reassuring the people of Delta state generally that we will provide adequate peace and security, especially for the workers and oil facilities".