Nigerian police deny Amnesty International's report alleging extra-judicial killings by officers. The rights group's three-year inquiry details cases of prisoners tortured to death and shootings at roadblocks.

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer Frank Mba denied the alleged killings. He said while he has not read the report, officers are guided in their duties by the constitution and a respect for human rights.

“The Lagos State police command is a product of law, the Nigerian Police Force is a product of law.  And it is the primary governmental institution tasked with the statutory duty of advancing the rule of law.  So the terms and condition of our employment, the modalities for carrying out our duties, modus operandi, and our methodology of fighting crime are all rooted in the rule of law,” he said.

Mba said the police enjoy a harmonious relationship with rights groups who monitor the activities of officers.

“The Lagos State police command is reputed as one of the commands that   have human rights desks in   all its divisional headquarters, human rights desk at area command headquarters, and a human rights resources center at the command level. We work in close collaboration with our own N.G.O’s. So if the local N.G.O’s, the local human rights organizations  have found  us worthy  to partner with us, I don’t’ see how and where  a foreign based organization will come and rubbish everything we are doing here,” Mba said.

The public relations officer added, “The police are saddled with the statutory duty of protecting lives and property. As simple as that. And that is exactly what we do,” he said.