As VOA?s English to Africa Service continues its coverage of the upcoming elections in Nigeria, we?re finding that the presidential election promises to include an interesting and diverse mix of talent and views. Will it be the issues, religion and ethnicity, or personality that dominate the race?

English to Africa reporter Kim Lewis is focusing on Nigeria?s serious presidential candidates for the April 2003 election. She spoke with one who is gaining national attention, not only for her campaign promises, but also because she is the only woman presidential candidate in a race dominated by men.

Sara Jibril, who represents the Progressive Action Congress, is a mother and an outspoken advocate against corruption in the government. She says her party represents ?Truth, unity, and progress.? She is concerned that Nigeria is presently being run by ?men who don?t understand the definition of politics and do not know how to go about democracy.?

Mrs. Jibril spoke from her home in Kaduna and said if she is elected president ,she will focus on eliminating the country?s debt, improving education, create health programs and a sound infrastructure. She says she will also focus on providing more youth and community services. Mrs. Jibril says, ?People believe in me. They want a change. They want to try a woman.?

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