The Nightline family welcomed 327 new members last summer and may do another membership drive this year. Of great concern to us has been the disappearance of a number of Nightline family packages. We mailed out 327 Nightline family packages to new members. About 120 of those were not received by people they were addressed to. I know a lot of new members have complained about this. I really don't know what we can do about it. Any suggestions?

Our Nightline Africa chapter in Cameroon has been inaugurated and the one in Liberia is being resurrected. Greeting to our many fans in Ghana who now want to start a Nightline Family chapter. Please send your proposal to: Ted Roberts, Nightline Africa, Africa Service, Voice of America, Washington, DC 20237, USA. My E-mail address is: NIGHTLINE AFRICA is heard on Saturdays and Sundays 16 and 20 hours UTC.

Thanks for your participation in the MISSING LINK. Some new discoveries are being made and family ties are being renewed.

We still are mourning the loss of our dear friend Richard Among Kotey. Richard sat in for me on many occasions while I was away on vacation or special assignment. He was a great human being. We'll miss him.