Segun "Dot On The Spot" Adeyemi is the host of Nightline Africa Sports, which is broadcast Sundays on the English to Africa Service of the Voice of America.

Segun acquired his "Dot On The Spot" nickname during the 1990 World Cup in Italy. Former VOA sports guru Barry "The 'Ol Emperor" Maughan noticed Segun's seemingly ubiquitous presence at the various venues in Italy and proclaimed, "WHY, HE'S DOT ON THE SPOT!"

Segun says one of his most thrilling sports moments occurred at the 1990 World Cup when he had a chance to meet Pele. The Brazilian soccer legend signed an autograph for Segun, an act that in Segun's words, "helped me forget some of the pain and suffering I experienced in Italy, where I lost all of the $3,000 I brought because of pickpockets in Rome."

Segun lives in Nigeria's commercial city of Lagos, with his wife, Bukky, and three sons, Dotun Gboyega and Kunle.