An attack on the international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan has killed a Norwegian soldier. The peacekeepers, known as the International Security Assistance Force, maintain security in Kabul.

Four Norwegian soldiers were returning from a patrol when their vehicle came under attack Sunday night in eastern Kabul. One of the soldiers died while another was slightly wounded.

More than 200 Norwegian soldiers are taking part in the NATO-led peacekeeping operation in the Kabul area. A separate U.S.-led coalition hunts militants linked to the al Qaida network and Afghanistan's ousted Taleban government.

A coalition spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Tucker Mansager, condemned the attack. "This terrorist attack does nothing but strengthen coalition resolve to help rid Afghanistan of those who refuse to accept this country is on a course to democratic government and a free and stable society," he says.

The attack also was the first time the peacekeepers were hit with rocket-propelled grenades.