The New York City Police Department continues around-the-clock counter-terrorism activities, following uncorroborated reports that New York landmarks might be the target of new terrorist attacks. But one NYPD group says the police need more money to do their jobs.

A police sergeants' group says if it doesn't get more funding from the federal government, the NYPD might not be able to protect the city from new waves of terrorist threats or attacks.

One of the directors of Sergeants for a Better Association, Dave Duffy, says he and his colleagues are worried they don't have the training they need. Sergeant Duffy said, "We don't have adequate personnel, training or sophisticated equipment to effectively police and defend the citizens of New York City."

He said billions of dollars are needed in urban areas across the country.

"We're calling on the federal government for a multi-million dollar program for not only the New York City Police Department, but all municipal police agencies across the nation," he continued.

In fact, Dave Duffy said he's appealed to both of New York's senators, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, for between $1 and $2 billion dollars for New York City alone. He says overall, about $20 billion is needed to help police departments around the country.

President Bush has proposed that more than $37 billion go toward homeland security next year. Included in that budget is funding for new technology to fight terrorism, and funding to train local firefighters and police to respond to chemical and biological warfare.

But the New York Sergeants' group says that's not enough. Dave Duffy says the money is needed now, to keep New York from suffering another traumatic blow.