A top advisor to U.S. President-elect Barack Obama says the incoming administration will work very quickly to deal with the economic and national security issues facing the country.

John Podesta, the director of Mr. Obama's transition team, told Fox News Sunday that the president-elect's first concern is pushing through an economic stimulus plan.  But he said it is up to President George Bush to help move any such proposal.

Mr. Bush and President-elect Obama are expected to meet Monday to discuss the transfer of power.

In the Democratic Party's weekly radio address Saturday, Mr. Obama said his administration will immediately begin efforts to restore the economy when he is sworn into office January 20.  He promised to move swiftly on a plan that helps working-class families.

The president-elect says he believes Mr. Bush and members of Congress recognize the severity of the economic situation and want to get things done, and that he will go to the White House with a "spirit of bipartisanship."

Mr. Obama warned that difficult choices will have to be made.  But he said America will succeed if everyone sets partisanship aside and works together as one nation.