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U.S. President Barack Obama says innovation will be the key to creating the jobs of the future.  Mr. Obama says he is looking for new ways to recoup the jobs lost during the economic recession.

With a new round of dismal job loss figures expected later the week, President Obama says he is searching for ways to create new employment opportunities.

"This is my administration's overriding focus," said President Obama. "Having brought the economy back from the brink, the question is how are we going to make sure that people are getting back to work and able to support their families."

The president spoke at the start of a meeting with economic advisors from inside and outside government.

He told them he expects job losses will continue for months to come, noting that traditionally as nations emerge from recession, employment tends to lag behind.  But he stressed that this time the job losses have been so great, that bold, innovative steps are needed.

"I am confident that having moved the economy on the right track, that if we apply some good common sense and reinvigorate that sector of our economy that's based on innovation and dynamism and entrepreneurship, that there's no reason why we are not going to be able to not only create jobs, but the kind of sustainable economic growth that everyone is looking for," said Mr. Obama.

The entire meeting was made available for viewing live on the White House website - a sign of the administration's determination to put out its views on the economy. During an exchange with his advisors, the president put an emphasis on trade as a way to spur sustainable growth.

He alluded to the example set by Germany - a wealthy, highly-unionized country with an economy that is 40 percent export-based.

"It seems to me that there is something we are missing that they are doing right," he said. "And we have got to figure that out."

President Obama will meet at the White House on Tuesday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and economic issues of all sorts are likely to be high on the agenda.