Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama are shifting their attention to the western United States in an effort to take states critical to winning the presidential election in 10 days (November 4).

An average of the latest polls by Real Clear shows that Senator Obama has widened his national lead over Senator McCain to nearly eight percentage points.

Senator McCain warned supporters in New Mexico Saturday that if Obama is elected, Democrats will control the White House and Congress.  He charged that Obama would impose "massive tax increases" that will hurt middle class Americans and small businesses.  He also encouraged supporters to keep fighting, even though he lags in the polls. 

Senator Obama will visit New Mexico and Nevada Saturday, where polls show he is ahead of McCain.  Obama is returning to the campaign trail after visiting his gravely ill grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, in Hawaii.  His running mate, Delaware Senator Joe Biden, told supporters in the southern state of Virginia that Obama will unite the country and rebuild America's middle class.

During the weekly Democratic radio address Saturday, Obama's wife, Michelle, encouraged supporters to cast their ballots early and help put her husband in the White House.