U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is accusing his Republican rival, John McCain, of supporting failed Bush administration policies.

Senator Obama Saturday touted his proposals to end the war in Iraq and U.S. dependency on foreign oil.

During the Democratic weekly radio address, Obama said McCain's policies would shortchange Americans by extending the war in Iraq at the expense of repairing schools, roads and bridges.

Obama said billions of dollars being spent on the Iraq war could be used to produce new energy sources and create millions of jobs.

Senator McCain has accused Obama of not understanding what is at stake in Iraq.  He has criticized Obama for opposing the U.S. troop surge, which McCain said has made Iraq a stable ally in the Middle East.

Senator McCain has said the U.S. must become energy independent.  He has proposed expanding offshore oil drilling and developing nuclear power, clean coal technology and new energy sources.

Senator McCain is in Las Vegas, in the western state of Nevada, where Saturday he is scheduled to address a a group of disabled U.S. veterans.

Senator Obama delivered the radio address while vacationing in Hawaii.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.