Ghana's President John Atta Mills waves after arriving at Yamoussoukro airport (file photo)
Ghana's President John Atta Mills waves after arriving at Yamoussoukro airport (file photo)

U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to host Ghanaian President John Atta Mills at the White House in Washington Thursday.

On his visit to Ghana in 2009, Obama said his trip was to highlight the West African nation?s democratic track record.

Koku Anyidoho, communications director for the Ghanaian presidency said the two leaders are scheduled to discuss their shared objectives in advancing development, as well as the commercial and economic ties between Washington and Accra.

?It is to further deepen the existing bilateral ties and bonds of friendship development agenda that has existed between Ghana and the United States,? said Anyidoho.

During his visit to Ghana, Obama delivered a speech to parliament, where he underscored the need to build strong democratic institutions on the continent.  He said Africa needs strong institutions, but not strong men.

Anyidoho said, since his election, the Ghanaian leader continues to implement policies which, he said, ensure democratic institutions are functionally independent and devoid of any political influence.

?The evidence is clear that President Mills has really stayed committed to building strong institutions; the judiciary is working independently, the police, military and, you see, transformed institutions like the EOCO, the Economic Organized Crime Unit, has been empowered to work,? said Anyidoho.  ?The navy just got delivery of four brand new ships, which is the first time in Ghana?s naval history to get four ships at the same time.?

Anyidoho said the Ghanaian leader?s invitation to the Oval office is ?a strong endorsement that President Atta Mills is walking the path that he ought to walk.?

Analysts the world over have recognized Ghana?s longstanding democratic civil rule since 1992, which also witnessed several transitional developments, especially economic reform.

The country is scheduled to organize presidential, parliamentary and local level elections later this year.  Anyidoho admits there is more to be done to enhance Ghana?s democratic credentials.

?President Atta Mills has reiterated that, as commander in chief, he will make sure that peace prevails before, during and after the election,? said Anyidoho.  ?The president is also going to make sure that Ghana stays united, hence the strong warning to any group of persons, who thinks that it would be allowed to turn Ghana upside down, that it will not happen.?