Nigerian President Obasanjo says it is never too late to learn. This follows his recent admission into the school of arts and social sciences at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). President Obasanjo becomes the first serving leader of any country in the world to enroll into an open university in his own country.  He pledged to be an obedient student.         

Ronka Ogunmakin is the Director of Communications of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). She talked about Obasanjo?s enrollment.

?President Obasanjo registered and was matriculated by the National Open University of Nigeria. The event took place at the presidential council chamber in Abuja? the president took his oath of honor to be a student of the National Open University of Nigeria in Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Theology,? she said.

Ogunmakin said Obasanjo?s enrollment is a good development because it will serve as an incentive to all that it is never too late to be a student.

?I want to say strongly that it is a good development for Nigeria because the president has made a landmark by enrolling in the school to make the whole world believe in his education reform agenda, that he means so well for Nigeria by setting a good example or leadership by example that Nigeria has the entitlement to have everybody educated,? Ogunmakin noted.

She adds that Obasanjo has shown his commitment to encouraging every Nigerian to attain the highest form of education they want.

?President Olusegun Obasanjo has committed himself that there is no barriers to education and that age is not a discretionary factor? at his age and his worth of experience, he?s being humbled to show Nigerians and the whole world that leaders must also lead by example and eradicate illiteracy in Africa,? she said.

Ogunmakin dismissed speculations that the university will give preferential treatment towards President Obasanjo?s school work.

?I believe it?s a very wrong misconception. Let me first let you know that the institution has an international accreditation and would not stoop low and that it would want to keep its high standard of learning. I don?t believe the faculty will cheapen that standard of the university,? she said.

Ogunmakin said it was unfortunate people are reading political meanings into President Obasanjo?s enrollment instead of looking at the positive aspect of it.

?I believe the whole world should be praising him for what he has done. That he is determined to encourage not only Nigerians but for all Africans to see that it?s never too late to learn. And he has made history by his action? its something that I don?t understand and don?t think we should read politics into it,? Ogunmakin said. 

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