The mother of a California woman who used fertility treatment to give birth to octuplets has called her daughter's actions "unconscionable."

The woman's mother, Angela Suleman, told an online news site,, she does not know how her unemployed daughter, who already has six children, will cope with eight more babies.

Nadya Suleman,33, remains hospitalized with her octuplets after giving birth last month. She told the U.S. television network NBC last week that she asked a fertility doctor to implant six embryos into her womb, indicating that two may have divided.

The children's grandmother, Angela Suleman, says she is "really angry" at the doctor who helped Nadya conceive the octuplets.

California's Medical Board is investigating why the doctor provided the treatment to an unemployed single mother of six who lives with her parents.
Angela Suleman says she has struggled to pay her bills as she cares for Nadya's six older children.

A reporter who went to the three-bedroom home described it as cramped and filthy.

Nadya Suleman has said she longed for a huge family and believes she can afford the children after completing her schooling.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.