Security forces in Afghanistan said more than 45 militants have been killed in several recent assaults around the country.

The U.S.-led coalition said it killed an insurgent commander and about 16 other militants in a "precision air strike" in the western province of Ghor Tuesday.  Military officials Wednesday said commander Mullah Mustafa was killed after he stopped in a remote area to meet with other militants.  

Officials said Mustafa commanded 100 fighters and reportedly had links to both the Taliban and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Meanwhile, a police chief said security forces have killed 30 Taliban militants over the past three days in an offensive in the southern province of Uruzgan.  The police chief said two police officers were killed during the operation.

In southern Ghazni province, authorities said Taliban militants killed two police officers Wednesday.  Elsewhere in Ghazni, police said at least one Afghan soldier was killed in a roadside bombing.

In violence Tuesday, officials in eastern Afghanistan said two people were killed and 50 wounded when a grenade exploded in a crowd of civilians that had gathered around a disabled U.S. military vehicle.

The U.S. military said the attack occurred in Kunar province as soldiers were attempting to free their vehicle, which had gotten stuck on a road.

Meanwhile, international security forces said they have destroyed a Taliban drug lab in the southern province of Helmand.  Authorities said militants have used illegal drugs to bankroll their operations.



Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.