Years of training will end Friday with the winning of 17 gold medals at the Athens Olympics.

The highlights include finals in athletics, badminton, canoe and kayak slalom, track cycling, fencing, gymnastic trampoline, weightlifting, judo, swimming, shooting and archery.

Badminton crowns a champion in the men's doubles event. The long 10,000 meter men's footrace will be decided on the track. Men's C-2 and K-1 winners will emerge from canoe and kayak races.

Cycling moves to the velodrome where the women will pedal in the 500-meter time trial and the men roll around the track in the one-kilometer time trial. The women go for fencing gold in the final of team epee.

The Olympic Indoor Hall hosts the women's final of gymnastic trampoline. Judo will give the spectators heavy hits in the women's over-78 kilogram category and men's over 100-kilogram final.

Swimming features gold performances in the women's 200-meter backstroke, the men's 100-meter butterfly and 50-meter freestyle sprint.

Weightlifters will try to raise the bar in the women's under 75-kilogram division.

Gold is the target for shooters in the finals of the men's and women's 50-meter rifle. Taking aim in a different way will be archers in the women's team final.

In continuing Olympic tournaments, finalists will emerge in tennis and table tennis. Baseball, basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, handball and field hockey all continue their march toward gold.