The focus returns to the main Olympic Stadium in Athens with seven gold medal events Friday. Another 20 gold medals will be awarded to elite athletes in other competitions.

The United States opens day 14 of Olympic competition with 28 gold and 83 total. China has 25 gold and 54 overall. Australia is currently third with 42 overall medals including 16 gold.

Olympic Stadium provides the finish line Friday for the 50-kilometer walk and 110-meter hurdles. Women's gold will be won in the 10,000-meter race and four-by-100 meter relay. Also, fans in the stadium will be able to watch the women's javelin and long jump finals along with men's pole vault.

Six more Olympic titles will be captured at the Schinias canoe and rowing centre. The women take part in the K-4 500-meter event. The men pull their oars in K-1, C-1, K-2, C-2 and K-4 events, all across 1000 meters.

The men's field hockey tournament concludes with the gold and bronze medal matches. Taekwondo immortality will be achieved by the winners of the women's 57-kilogram and men's 68-kilogram weight divisions.

The women take their turn at Modern Pentathlon gold, competing in shooting, fencing, swimming, riding and running.

Equestrian gold will come in the final of the individual obstacle jump. Synchronized Swimming features the final of the team event free routine. Women pedal in cross-country mountain bike cycling.