The One World Beat Music festival is underway. Hundreds of artists in more than 160 countries began performing Friday and will continue through Sunday to raise money and awareness about HIV/AIDS. VOA?s Joe De Capua reports

This year, One World Beat is focusing its efforts on helping the organization ?Keep a Child Alive.? The group aims ?to provide life-saving medicine to over three million children and families living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world.? It raises funds through sponsors and donations.

Crys Spelman is a spokesperson for the event.

"Well, One World Beat is a collaboration of socially conscious musicians, NGO?s and volunteers, you know, everyday citizens around the world uniting for social change through their music. So, it?s music making a difference."

Ms. Spelman says One World Beat is not a traditional music festival.

"One World Beat is a series of concerts that take place around the world. And they?re all connected via the Internet and that?s how you can actually watch the concerts. They can actually just go on One World Beat website and view the webcast live free of charge. You just long on to the website and enjoy the show and you?ll see different shows in different parts of the world at different times."

This is the second annual One World Beat. While it?s raising money for HIV/AIDS this year, the focus will probably change next year.

"This way we can help more people, not only around the world, but some of the organizations that don?t get a lot of support."

One World Beat was founded by Swiss musician Andy Treichler.

Ms. Spelman says, "This was all based on his belief that music can truly make a difference in peoples? lives because it?s so celebrated. And he wanted to do something to make a difference in his own life. And this is just something Andy started putting together with musicians. This is his brainchild, his baby. And the rest of us just believe wholeheartedly in what he?s doing and wanted to jump on board."

For more information about the event and to view some of the concerts over the Internet, go to That?s