A coalition of pro-Serbian parties in Montenegro has filed a formal complaint alleging voter irregularities in Sunday's referendum vote for independence from Serbia.

The coalition is seeking a repeat vote in more than 100 polling stations affecting nearly 120,000 voters in the tiny Adriatic republic. The referendum passed by fewer than 2100 votes.

The leader of the anti-independence faction, Predrag Bulatovic, has warned of what he called negative consequences if there is no probe of the reported irregularities.

Bulatovic earlier said thousands of pro-independence voters were not eligible to cast ballots because they live outside Montenegro.

Observers from the United States and the European Union have called the vote free and fair.

Montenegro was the last republic in the union of states of the old Yugoslav federation to maintain ties with Serbia. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia broke away during the 1990s.


Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.