In Kenya, leaders of the main opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM-Kenya) are meeting early this week to set the rules in selecting who leads the party in next year?s general elections. This comes after weeks of speculation that the party has finally agreed on how and when to pick its candidate. But senior officials and members say there is no such agreement and the party is not in a hurry.

David Musila is a leading member of ODM-Kenya. He talked about the new developments in the party.

?What is happening is that we appointed some members to form a committee to prepare nomination rules, and what is going on now is that the committee is meeting and has already been working on these proposals. Whatever proposals they come up with would be subjected to questions by a broader group of members?before a final decision is made,? he said.

Musila denied any party wrangling, saying the committee is yet to present nominating proposals for the presidential nomination procedures in the party.

?Not at all because there hasn?t been any decision yet to make that kind of suggestion as to who will lead the party. What has happened is that, some contenders of the presidency did attend the meeting of the committee and made some suggestions. Of course, it did get on well with majority of the members because they were not supposed to attend the meeting,? Musila said.

He continued, ?In any case all of these presidential hopefuls should have attended not only a handful. But the fact that a group of them, I mean three of them to be specific, attended and attempted to influence the committee by giving suggestions contrary to the mandate given to the committee, I think this is where the problem was. But the matter has since been addressed,? he noted.

Musila said it was common for any political party to have dissenting views, but that those views are necessary for the growth of the party.

?This is to be expected where a large number of aspirants are fighting to be nominated and it is not unusual. But I feel that we still have time, it?s twelve more months to go before the elections, and hopefully we will find a solution to these differences, because we have to have one candidate and one candidate only to face the other candidates,? He said.

Musila said with time ODM-Kenya would solve all these alleged wrangling in the party.

?I believe there is a way to resolve these problems. If they are not resolved, definitely some other measures would be taken, which may include people finding their own route,? he said.

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