Other Leaders Forced to Stand Down

Paraguay: Fernando Lugo was forced from the presidency in 2012 for dereliction of duty following his handling of a land dispute that left 17 people dead.

Lithuania: Rolandas Paksas was ousted in 2004 after being charged with granting Lithuanian citizenship to a Russian businessman in exchange for money. He was banned from standing for office in Lithuania, but was elected to the European Parliament in 2009.

Indonesia: Abdurrahman Wahid, accused of incompetence and corruption, was dismissed in 2001.

Peru: Alberto Fujimori resigned from the presidency by fax from Tokyo in 2000, claiming Japanese nationality through his parents.

Ecuador: Abdala Bucaram, accused of siphoning off public funds, was ousted in 1997 for "physical and mental incapacity," six months after his inauguration as president.

Venezuela: Carlos Andres Perez, accused of embezzlement and illegal enrichment, was dismissed in 1993. Current President Nicolas Maduro is now battling a proposed referendum on holding a recall vote.

Guatemala: Otto Perez, accused of being part of a ring of officials who took bribes to allow companies to import goods without paying import taxes, was stripped of his presidential immunity by parliament on Sept. 1, 2015. Facing impeachment, he stood down two days later.

Germany: Christian Wulff resigned from the federal presidency in February 2012 after being stripped of his immunity following an accusation of influence peddling. He was later cleared.

Israel: Following a tax fraud and corruption scandal, President Ezer Weizman resigned in July 2000, rather than face impeachment proceedings. In June 2007, President Moshe Katsav resigned as part of a plea bargain after being accused of rape and other sexual offenses. In 2011, he was handed a seven-year prison term.

Brazil: Fernando Collor de Mello, accused of corruption, resigned in 1992 at the beginning of his impeachment hearing before the Federal Senate.

United States: Richard Nixon resigned in August 1974 to avoid almost certain impeachment over the Watergate scandal.

Source: AFP