Featured on our 15 April program

 Cheaper way to produce malaria drug artemisinin
 Fossil discovery may be another link in the evolutionary chain
 Flood protection in New Orleans as hurricane season nears
 Giveaways keep things out of landfills on our Website of the Week
 1906 San Francisco disaster gave jolt to earthquake science
 Videotape at 50

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Featured on our 8 April program

 Fossil evidence of the 'Missing Link'
 Building replacement organs
 Choosing wisest value in health care spending
 Americans less satisfied with their health care system
 Abbreviations explained PDQ on our Website of the Week
 Hollywood sells movies online
 New bid to solve Africa's soil crisis


Featured on our 1 April program

 A promising avian flu vaccine has some downsides
 Smart kids' brains look different
 Perils of megadoses of vitamins
 NASA reinstates asteroid mission
 Poetry on our Website of the Week
 A wetlands report sparks controversy
 Researching the impact of violent video games