Askar Akayev (File photo)
Kyrgyzstan's ousted president, Askar Akayev, has agreed to resign from his post. Mr. Akayev fled into exile to Russia last week, after opposition supporters took over government buildings in the country's capital Bishkek.

Mr. Akayev agreed to resign during a meeting with members of the Kyrgyz parliament held at his country's embassy in Moscow. He said he signed documents on four points.

According to the Kyrgyz leader, one of these points is that the president of the Kyrgyz Republic announces his early resignation, and that it has been decided to hold the actual ceremony of early resignation on Monday.

The announcement was made after about three hours of talks with the delegation, headed by Omurbek Tekebayev, the speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament, who is one of Mr. Akayev's most eminent longtime opponents.

Both Mr. Tekebayev and Mr. Akayev said that the agreement would be a significant step toward restoring stability in Kyrgyzstan.

Askar Akayev said that a very good and historic document has been approved, and that it will "pave the way for finding a way of out the political crisis that Kyrgyzstan has found itself in."

Mr. Tekebayev said the agreement "will ensure peace and legitimacy."

Askar Akayev, who ruled the country for 14 years, fled into exile in Russia last week, after opposition protests over parliamentary elections the opposition said were flawed. His formal resignation is seen by many in Kyrgyzstan as key to ensuring full legitimacy for presidential elections scheduled for June.

International mediators had pressured acting Kyrgyz leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev to allow Mr. Akayev to return to the country and help negotiate a political settlement. But Mr. Bakiyev declined Askar Akayev's requests to return, saying the new government would not be able to guarantee the ex-president's security.