Pakistan has rejected India's allegations that it is involved in Tuesday's attack on a U.S. government facility in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aziz Ahmed Khan, told reporters there is no truth in the Indian charges that Pakistan's military spy agency is behind the attack.

"These are totally baseless charges. As you know, Pakistan has condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations," he said.

The spokesman says Pakistan is cooperating with the international community to eliminate terrorism and has taken effective measures to check such activities on Pakistani soil.

Indian officials say a Pakistan-based militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack on the American cultural center in Calcutta that left five people dead.

India Home Minister L.K. Advani says the militant group has links with Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence agency.

Tensions are running high between India and Pakistan after an assault on India's parliament last month that New Delhi blames on separatist Kashmiri militants operating from Pakistan.