Pakistani security officials claim a rocket launched from neighboring Afghanistan killed at least 14 people in northern Pakistan's tribal region, not far from the Afghan border. This was the second alleged case of cross-border fire this week in areas thought to be havens for al-Qaida and Taleban insurgents.

Officials say at least one rocket hit a village elder's home in Pakistan's Bajaur tribal area early Friday morning. Local authorities claim the attack was staged from across the border in Afghanistan's Kunar province, about seven kilometers away.

U.S.-led forces patrolling the Afghan side of the border have come under frequent attacks from Taleban insurgents in that area.

Last week, local Pakistani residents of Waziristan say, eight people were killed during an operation against suspected Afghan militants, which appeared to spill over the border.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Tasneem Aslam says both incidents are under investigation.

"Certainly, if our innocent civilians are being killed in cross-border fire, this is an issue of concern for us," he said.

Both cases occurred inside Pakistan's remote tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.

Pakistan has deployed some 70,000 troops to the region to help secure the border and flush out suspected militants.