Pakistan's army chief has carried out his first reshuffle of major military posts, replacing some commanders who had been promoted by President Pervez Musharraf.

The military reshuffle is the first since President Musharraf stepped down as army chief and appointed General Ashfaq Kayani to replace him last November.

Pakistan's military said Monday General Kayani has transferred two army corps commanders promoted under Mr. Musharraf to other posts.

The corps commander in the city of Lahore, Lieutenant-General Shafaat Ullah Shah, has been reassigned to the post of logistics chief at army headquarters. Shah had served as a military secretary to Mr. Musharraf.

Another corps commander in the city of Mangla, Lieutenant-General Sajjad Akram, has been transferred to a government agency responsible for earthquake reconstruction.

General Kayani said this month that Pakistan's military will stay out of politics as Mr. Musharraf begins to work with a democratically-elected government.

Another key appointment made by General Kayani Monday is the naming of Major-General Muhammad Rehan Burney as the army's surgeon-general. The position had been vacant since the assassination of Lieutenant General Mushtaq Baig in a suicide attack in the city of Rawalpindi last month.

The military has ruled Pakistan for more than half of the country's 60 years of independence.

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.