Mukhtaran Mai, center talks to media with her lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan (l) and her supporter Nargis Faiz Malik (r)
Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered the re-arrest of all suspects accused in the 2002 gang rape of a village woman, whose case highlighted the brutality of tribal justice in Pakistan and drew worldwide condemnation.

Thirty three-year-old Mukhtaran Mai was gang raped on the orders of a village council to punish her teenage brother who allegedly had an affair with a woman of a rival tribe.

Ms. Mai's 14 accused rapists were tried under Pakistan's anti-terror laws. A special court found six of the men guilty, and gave them death sentences. Eight were acquitted.

But, in March, an appeals court, citing insufficient evidence, overturned the convictions of five men, and commuted the sentence of the other.

In Tuesday's ruling the Supreme Court said all 14 must be held in judicial custody while the court considers the case.

Some information for this report provided by AFP and AP.