An Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile into a Gaza refugee camp, killing one militant and wounding a number of other people, while Palestinian militants fired more rockets into southern Israel.

Israeli military officials say the target of Friday morning's missile strike was an area used by Palestinian militants to fire rockets into Israel.

Troops moved into the northern Gaza Strip after a half dozen homemade Qassam rockets landed in Jewish settlements in Gaza and in the nearby Israeli town of Sderot. The Qassam attacks were in apparent retaliation for an Israeli air strike Tuesday against a training camp in Gaza used by members of the militant group Hamas. Fourteen militants were killed in the strike.

Israeli troops met fierce resistance when they moved into the Jabalya refugee camp early Thursday and have continued to trade gun fire with militants since. At least five Palestinians were killed in the clashes Thursday, including a young boy who was caught in crossfire.

Despite the military operations, Palestinian militants continued to fire rockets and mortars into Jewish settlements in Gaza and into southern Israel.

At the same time, Israel has announced a general closure for the West Bank and Gaza Strip for next week's Jewish festival of Rosh Hashana. The closure is expected to be extended until early October, after the Yom Kippur holiday. This means that Palestinians will not be able to come into Israel, although authorities say travel for emergency medical reasons will be allowed. Israel routinely seals off the Palestinian territories and imposes varying travel restrictions on Palestinians at holiday times for fear of attacks by militants.