Indonesia says it has found the first piece of wreckage from the passenger jet that disappeared on January 1 with more than a 100 people on board. VOA's Nancy-Amelia Collins has more from Jakarta.

A fisherman Wednesday found part of the tail section from the Indonesian budget carrier Adam Air - about 300 meters off Indonesia's Sulawesi island near Pare Pare.

The jet, with 102 passengers and crew, was reported missing New Year's Day during rough weather on a flight from Surabaya on Java island to Manado on Sulawesi.

The head of search and rescue operations, Eddy Suyanto, says this first piece from the missing Boeing 737 has been positively identified. He says the serial number of the tail stabilizer matched the one given to his team by Boeing.

This discovery is the first break in the massive plane search.

More than 3,600 soldiers, police, and volunteers have been scouring the thick jungle on Sulawesi and the surrounding seas.