The top U.S. military officer has delivered a spirited defense of the war plan being followed in Iraq following criticism from some current and former commanders.

In the nearly two weeks Operation Iraqi Freedom has been under way, some critics, including retired generals, have suggested the Pentagon underestimated the strength of the Iraqi opposition and sent in too few troops to seize the country.

Now, General Richard Myers, Chairman of the military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, has lashed back, calling that criticism not only inaccurate but also unhelpful.

"It is not helpful to have those kind of comments come out when we've got troops in combat, because first of all, they're false, they're absolutely wrong, they bear no resemblance to the truth, and it's just - it's just harmful to our troops that are out there fighting very bravely, very courageously," General Myers said. General Myers says the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq has received all the manpower and equipment he has asked for. He says the war is going well and that operations are continuing to isolate and destroy enemy forces.