The Pentagon says it has airdropped leaflets over Afghanistan with a personal warning to Taleban leader Mullah Mohamed Omar. It is the latest effort by U.S. forces to intimidate the Taleban with words and not just bombs. Pentagon officials confirm leaflets have been airdropped over Afghanistan containing a picture of Taleban leader Mullah Omar, the license plate of his car and an inscription saying simply, "we are watching."

The officials say the aim is to warn Taleban supporters that U.S. intelligence knows all about Mullah Omar's movements. One Pentagon spokesman says the intent is to convey the message that the Taleban leader cannot evade U.S. forces.

The spokesman says several hundred of the leaflets were first dropped last Friday in the vicinity of the southern town of Kandahar, long considered a Taleban stronghold.

U.S. special forces seeking intelligence about the Taleban made their first known ground attacks on Taleban positions near Kandahar two weeks ago. One of the targets was a residence used by Mullah Omar though U.S. officials said at the time they did not expect him to be there.

The leaflet is in addition to special U.S. radio messages being broadcast into Afghanistan from special airborne radio stations. Those messages have appealed to the Afghan people not to give food, shelter or other assistance to the Taleban and the al-Qaida terrorist organization.

They have also accused the Taleban of ruling by violence and fear. And they have told Taleban fighters to surrender or face death.