Phil Spector's chauffeur testified that the famous music producer told him "I think I killed somebody."

Giving his first public testimony May 15 in a Los Angeles courtroom, driver Adriano De Souza said the incident happened about two hours after he had delivered Spector and his guest, actress Lana Clarkson, to Spector's home on February 3, 2003. He said he first heard a loud noise, and a short while later saw Spector emerge from the house.

After being told the news, De Souza testified that he saw a woman's legs in Spector's foyer. He later entered the house and saw blood on her face.

Clarkson, a 40-year-old actress and hostess at the House Of Blues club in West Hollywood, died of a gunshot wound inside her mouth.

The defense claims she killed herself.

Four women have testified that Phil Spector threatened them with guns when they tried to leave his presence.