Several Philippine boxers have forfeited their matches in gold medal bouts to protest what they called biased judging at the Southeast Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

The decision whether or not to fight was left to each boxer. Two elected to forfeit at the opening bell and four more during their bouts.

One Filipino fighter, Larry Semillano, fought his bout but lost to Thai Olympic champion Manus Boonjamnong. The forfeits contributed to a Thai sweep of all 10 boxing gold medals.

In other events, Malaysia defeated Thailand in women's basketball, 61-60 in the last round-robin match to take the gold. The Philippines won the men's basketball title with a 94-53 victory over Thailand.

Malaysia won both field hockey finals taking the men's event over Singapore, 7-0, and the women's title over Thailand, 6-0. The Philippines won both softball gold medals, with the men's team beating Indonesia, 11-2, and the women's squad downing Singapore, 7-0.

Thailand won two golds in judo, while Malaysia and Vietnam took three golds each in karate. Thailand was best in taekwondo with three gold medals.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.