At least 10 people died and about 100 others were injured when a train plunged into a steep ravine in the northern Philippines early Friday. Rescuers are still trying to free dozens trapped inside the carriages.

The accident happened early morning Friday, when most of the train's passengers were still asleep.

A grandfather, who suffered minor head wounds, told local television the impact woke him up. He said he found himself inside a dark carriage and tried to rescue his grandchildren, who were also injured. He said others were screaming for help.

The train, carrying hundreds of passengers, was trying to negotiate a curve when it derailed and plunged down a 12-meter ravine about 150 kilometers away from its destination, Manila.

Passengers say the train was speeding when the accident happened. Police say they are still investigating the cause.

Four of the train's cars lay at the bottom of the slope where rescuers were seen smashing windows to free scores still trapped inside.

Train accidents are not common in the Philippines, although the country's rail system is antiquated. However, metal parts from the tracks and other equipment are often stolen to be sold for scrap.

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo Friday sent the government's transport minister to the scene to oversee rescue operations. Officials have suspended all train services between the central Philippines to the capital.