Indonesian police say they have identified the third suicide bomber in the October 1 attacks on Bali that killed 20 people dead along with the bombers.

A police spokesman, Inspector General Aryanto Boedihardjo, said the bomber was Aip Hidayat, from Ciamis regency West Java.

The spokesman said police are comparing DNA samples from the family to confirm the bomber's identity.

He and two other bombers identified earlier, Salik Firdaus, Misno, reportedly videotaped a statement before launching the restaurant attacks.

The video was seized from the hideout of Malaysian bomb expert Azahari Husin, who was killed November 9 in a shootout with security officers in Batu in eastern Java.

The triple suicide bombings last month were the second major bomb attack on Bali after a blast three years ago killed 202 people.