Police in Sacramento, California, are searching for a 27-year-old man suspected of killing five people. The murder rampage has shocked the city's Russian and Ukranian immigrant communities.

Police say the suspect, Nicolai Soltys, killed his wife at a home in the Sacramento suburb of North Highlands. They say he then drove to the home of other family members in the nearby suburb of Rancho Cordova. An elderly man, woman and child were killed at that location. A nine-year-old girl later died of injuries on the way to the hospital.

Sergeant James Lewis is a spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. "We have since learned that the victim in this [house] are related to the victim over in North Highlands, that the suspect in both cases appears to be the one responsible for the homicides in both cases," he said.

Police say the victims are part of the close-knit community of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants in suburban Sacramento. They say language difficulties initially slowed the investigation.