Pranay Sinha says he loves the American Education System.He tells us why.?I love the American education system because in India we were taught to learn things up.  We are masters of memory like we could memorize pages in a few days, it is just very easy to memorize things, but I feel like many times I didn?t know, I mean I didn?t understand what I knew,? he says.

?Whereas over here it seems like it is not so important to know everything because you can look up facts, you know you can look up figures, but you can?t look up how to troubleshoot things, you can?t look up how a system works you know you understand these things out here so I think that is the main difference,? he says.


?Understanding vs. memorization and both systems have their merits and in fact I read in several articles that there is a certain advantage to go from one system into another.One system in which you know things to a system in which you understand a lot more and you know approach both critically I feel like the American system is very keen on developing critical thinking skills which I guess is really what you go to college for.?


Pranay is from India.He says he always had an interest in Medicine so he is majoring in Biology.?Well, I am actually from India and I am attending Adelphi University right now in Long Island (New York) because I mainly wanted to study medicine and in India it is a bit of a lottery to get in medicine school in India so I figured I would make better use of my time coming here and Adelphi University was actually known in Pune, that is the city I am from so one of my friends from the same school is going to Adelphi so I heard of it that way.

Also, as it turned out I had some difficulty with my SAT?s and by the time I could apply Adelphi was the only college I really knew with a rolling deadline so I applied to Adelphi,? he says.?Plus I was interested in Genetics and Molecular Biology and I felt it would be better to study that in America than in India.?   


The transition from India to America Pranay says was in his words ?perfect.'  He explains.?Being from India I did not have a problem because I always spoke English.Usually we are bilingual in India so we speak India and English equally well so I did not have a language barrier I mean initially of course there was a bit of a problem with my accent because people didn?t understand me quite so well,? he says. 


?In fact in some ways I feel like it was sort of a perfect transition from a high school where I was basically made to study a lot and memorize tons of things that is the way the system works.I always take pre-med in India so we had to study a lot of things that I haven?t even said in college actually, just memorize a lot of stuff.So I knew a lot of things when I came and here when I came you don?t learn everything up, you understand how things work,? he says.  ?So as soon as I came you know I was on the east coast as well I was made to make sense of what I knew so it was really quite easy for me because I already knew the work and know I just had to understand how it works especially in subjects like Organic Chemistry which people find a little hard I found it extremely easy.So transitioning to these kinds of things was extremely easy for me.?



Even time spent on campus at Adelphi University be it with friends or professors, Pranay says he has learned a lot. ?Oh, its been brilliant actually.It is a small college so you really know everyone and there are lots of opportunities for example, I?ve been doing research in Genetics since my first semester back in freshman year and I don?t think I would have that opportunity anywhere else and it has been really lovely because all of the professors help you out really a lot and it is a friendly atmosphere, you can ask questions that is not a problem you can just stroll into your professor?s office and start having a conversation and I think that is how I?ve learned a lot of stuff I know today it is because of things like that.?


Pranay will graduate next month and then wants to go to medical school, however he says he definitely will miss attending Adelphi University.?Ah, yes, yes I am looking forward to graduation very much.Although, I am really, really going to miss Adelphi very much I mean I never realized how much I would until this semester.You know every morning when you walk into the honors college which is where I study, it?s this smell of coffee because we make coffee in the office and twenty-five cents we put towards getting it and every time I smell that coffee in the morning I fell like Oh my god in two or three months I will not have this and yeah, I think I will miss it.?