In Mozambique's presidential election, the ruling Frelimo Party candidate has won all six provinces where official results have been declared, with the results in the four other provinces still pending. But, the main opposition party, Renamo, is already crying foul.

Mozambique's National Elections Commission says Frelimo's presidential candidate, Armando Guebuza received about 70 percent of the vote in the six declared provinces in the central and southern part of the country. These provinces are traditional strongholds of Frelimo.

The opposition Renamo Party draws its support primarily from the northern provinces, all of which remain undeclared. The party's candidate, Afonso Dhlakama, is expected to do much better in those areas.

But Mr. Dhlakama says the election was riddled with fraud, and warned that his party will demand a rerun of the voting. Several other opposition parties have joined in the demand for a new election.

He says incumbent President Joachim Chissano should remain in office for a further six months to allow this. The Elections Commission has said this would be a violation of the constitution.

International observers described the election as largely free and fair. But they have expressed concern at the delay in announcing the results of the voting, which was held on the first two days of this month.

The Commission is required to declare the final result by this Friday, although it can do so earlier. Commission officials say logistical problems and heavy rains have delayed results from remote rural areas.