White House Correspondent Scott Stearns reports from the southern state of Georgia where the two leaders met on the sidelines of the G8 economic summit.

Iraqi interim president Ghazi al-Yawar has told President Bush that Iraq is committed to moving toward democracy.

President Bush said that his first meeting with the new Iraqi leader was a proud day because a-year-and-a-half ago he never thought he would be sitting with the leader of a free Iraq.

He says he has great faith in the future of Iraq and will hand over full sovereignty to Mr. al-Yawar's government on June 30.

The Iraqi leader expressed the commitment of the Iraqi people to move toward democracy in steady steps.

"I would like to thank the American people for the sacrifices that the brave men and women of the United States endured trying to liberate Iraq," he said. "We are working with all our hearts to make sure that all these sacrifices of the Iraqis as well as the coalition will not be to no avail." President Bush said Mr. al-Yawar has the courage to stand up and lead and the United States will help him.